All the Time We Need

Three-Part video work

In 2018 it had been a long time since I had made any narrative video works. Three topics had been building up in me. I decided to write three letters, which would both address someone or something outside of myself, while still formulating what was going on inside me. 

The first letter "Dear Captain" is to my grandfather. The archive of things he left behind after his death had inspired previous collages, photos and a video, but I had never before added a narrative. Addressing the man I never met was a way to get in touch with his vitality and search for the traces he left in my father and grandmother. 

"Dear Point" is dedicated to a place. An old marina on Lake Champlain in the USA, where the world felt different and further away, and I could feel a possibility to reinvent myself and lead a different life.

The final letter deals with my new fatherhood. "Dear Ruby" is a message in a bottle, a letter to my daughter to receive in a few years. Explaining to her what her arrival changed in and around me. All of them are love letters.

A big thank you for both the team at ORF3 and ARTE Creative for supporting and showing my project.

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